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icon01/02/2017 - Free Class After Touring Our Facility!

Come learn from the best after you take a tour of one of our facilities! We are offering a free class to you after you learn what we can offer your child. Come visit one of our facilities to see why we are the best in Alabama for cheerleading! 

icon01/08/2018 - School Tryouts Coming Soon? We Can Help!

Attention Middle School and High School Cheerleaders - We offer classes to help you maintain your skills and learn what you need to tune up for next season! We offer classes in Cheer Basics (Cheer 101), Stretching, Jumping, and of course tumbling! Check out our classes tab for more information!

We will work will work with you on jumps, cheers, motions, and presentation to get you ready for your school team tryout! 

icon01/08/2018 - Start Training Early

Train your skills early - several months in advance if possible. Spend some time in our cheer gym, with our coaches, working on jumps, motions, tumbling and spiriting so tryout season will be a breeze! Check out any of our class offerings that will help you achieve your cheer goals this season! 

icon02/12/2018 - Tip of the Week - Improve your tumbling/jumps

 Start your tryout season with better jumps! Here's a tip to help you improve your jumps this coming season! 

Remember to keep tight and squeeze your body the whole time. If you're sloppy, you can get hurt. A good way to improve your jumps is to practice the position of the jump you want to become better at when you're just sitting down watching TV or on the computer.