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icon01/02/2017 - Free Class After Touring Our Facility!

Come learn from the best after you take a tour of one of our facilities! We are offering a free class to you after you learn what we can offer your child. Come visit one of our facilities to see why we are the best in Alabama for cheerleading! 

icon03/01/2018 - ACC Spring Break Closures

ACC will be closed Thursday, March 29th, 2018 through Sunday April 1st for the gym spring break and Easter. 

Classes and team practice will resume Monday, April 2nd. 

icon01/08/2018 - School Tryouts Coming Soon? We Can Help!

Attention Middle School and High School Cheerleaders - We offer classes to help you maintain your skills and learn what you need to tune up for next season! We offer classes in Cheer Basics (Cheer 101), Stretching, Jumping, and of course tumbling! Check out our classes tab for more information!

We will work will work with you on jumps, cheers, motions, and presentation to get you ready for your school team tryout! 

icon03/05/2018 - Tip of the Week - Stay in Shape

To be at your best, cheer athletes need to eat right, exercise, get the proper rest, and warm up properly before practicing with stretching exercises, etc. Being prepared physically for practice and competition will not only help you perform better and keep you safe, it will also make you look more competent when you’re not panting for breath with every move.

icon03/12/2018 - Tip of the Week - How to become an advanced flyer

If you are already flying and hitting your basic stunts, here are some tips to improve your advanced flying skills:

You MUST stretch EVERYDAY.   To  master advanced stunts like a Scorpion, a Heal Stretch, a Bow-N-Arrow, and a Scale, you must be very flexible.  So, here are some stretching tips:


*Back Stretch for a Scorpion:  Do a bridge/backbend and try to move your feet as close to your hands as possible.   Or,  lay on your stomach and push your chest up with your hands on the floor and try to touch your feet to your head (aka a bunny pose).  


*  Stretching for a heal stretch / bow-n-arrow:   Do splits on both legs. When your split becomes easy,  put one foot on a step or mat and do a split with your front leg elevated.