Our Hoover location is our corporate headquarters, and is where our program began. Over the years, the program has grown to include cheer and tumble classes, specialty classes, hip hop and of course all star cheerleading teams. Our staff is known for solid teaching fundamentals and technique, and knowing each child by name in our growing facility! 

We are so glad you chose to visit us, and we hope to meet your cheer and tumble needs. We are a gym known for good sportsmanship, high enengy competitive cheer routines, a family friendly environment, and lots of loving and supportive staff. If  you are looking for a positive environent where kids have a lot of fun while learning then this is the place for you! 


Private Lessons

ACC offers 30 minute Private Lessons as schedules permit Monday through Thursday, with some limited availability on Fridays and Saturdays. Private lessons are booked by March 2024 Private Lessons (signupgenius.com). Lessons are individual. All private lessons must be booked through Signupgenius.com, and participants must be registered with ACC. 

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