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Britten Blackburn

Britten Blackburn is the President and owner of American Cheerleading Center, Inc. Britten is a former Auburn University Cheerleader and Mic Man (4 years). While working for UCA, Britten was a Head Instructor (6 years) and State Director (2 years). Britten has also judged for UCA, Worldwide Spirit, WSA, Jamfest, and American Championships. He was listed in the 2005 edition of Who's Who Among American Cheerleading Coaches and Advisors. Britten is USASF, AACCA, and USAG certified. Currently, Britten is a USASF Executive Board member. 

Daniele Blackburn

Daniele Blackburn is a Senior Staff Instructor at American Cheerleading Center, Inc. She is a former Syracuse University cheerleader (4 years) and former Head Instructor for UCA. Daniele has judged for UCA, All Star Challenge, American Championships, Cheersport, Athletic Championships, and National Championship of Guatemala . Additionally, she has judged The Cheerleading Worlds in 2004, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011. Daniele is AACCA certified & USASF credentialed in Levels 1-6. She is the former Northeast Varsity Family Plan & UCA All Star Director and Founder, Titan All Stars (2001) in Wilbraham, Massachusetts. Daniele is also a Bama All Star Coach. 

Tristan Twyman

Tristan Twyman is the Bama All Star Director and Senior Staff Instructor at American Cheerleading Center, Inc. He also serves as the School and Recreation Cheer Director as well as the All Star Prep Director. Tristan is a former University of Michigan Cheerleader (4 years). He is also a former Bama All Star (Black Diamondz) and has judged for American Championships and WSA. Tristan is also a choreographer for All Star, recreation, middle school, high school, and college cheerleading teams. He has also been a Bama All Star Coach for 14 years and is USASF certified. 

Joshua Boglin

Joshua Boglin is a Junior Staff instructor at American Cheerleading Center, Inc. He is also a member of the Titanium International Coed 5 team at Bama All Starz. 

Katie Williams

Katie Williams is a Senior Staff Instructor at American Cheerleading Center, Inc. She is a former McKeel Academy of Technology cheerleader and Top Gun All Star. She is currently a Bama All Star coach. 

Madison Mehringer

Madison Mehringer is a Junior Staff Instructor at American Cheerleading Center, Inc. 

Danielle Smith

Administrative Assistant, American Cheerleading Centers, Inc. 

Ruth Searchfield

Administrative Assistant - Bama All Starz Billing, American Cheerleading Center, Inc. 

Stephanie Vaughn

Administrative Assistant, American Cheerleading Center, Inc. 

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